What's covered in the program?

STP 9,13,+ 20 will cover primarily Hitting and Pitching. STP9 will cover fielding 1 week. These programs have a PHO Discount* available. Any of our STP9, 13, or 20 players can attain additional individual sessions for catching and infield work if requested. The STP6 covers Throwing, Hitting, Fielding, and Pitching. The classes are broken down into 4 sections. Mechanics, Build Up, Velocity, and Live Game. Each STP program covers a different number of classes from each section. The classes are always broken down 50/50 offense and defense. 

What is a PHO Discount?

A PHO is a Pitcher Only or a Hitter Only. These players will receive a discount for not taking the Advanced Mechanics or Live Game classes for half the program. For example a HO (Hitter Only) will take all the hitting classes and will only take 1 throwing mechanics class, the throwing build up classes, and the velocity throwing classes as a positional player. A pitcher only will have the option to take any Hitting Build Up or Velocity classes. 

Can my son move up early to another level if he's exceptional?

No. We divide the classes in to these groups for their physical safety and for the overall mental and emotional development of the athletes. Ideally a player will spend some time in each program and will develop slowly as they mature and advance as intended which will endure their love for the game and their love for progressing through hard work. 

What is there for my K - 3rd Grader?

It is of the belief at Line Drive that K - 3rd graders should not be "training". We have a PAK program that we can offer you. Our PAK program stands for Parents And Kids. We offer the parent training so they know what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it. We want kids to learn from their parents and have a good base prior to coming in for training. We believe in that bond created between child and parent. We schedule a PAK session upon request. Please call 585.748.6670 to schedule a session. 


Will there be a payment plan or are all funds due at sign-up?

- There will be payment plans available offered by PayPal:

ON-RAMP - 4 PAYMENTS, STP20 - 4 payments, STP13 - 3 payments. Once registered and approved for a program an invoice will be emailed to you with the option to pay all at once or in partial payments. 

What Happens If I Miss a STP Class?

For S.T.P. 13, + 20, our video library will have a tutorial of the lesson plans, a pdf of the drills and reps we covered in the class. It is on the student to learn the material and practice the drills/reps on their own in their designated additional times (I.E. Tues/Thurs nights). If the staff feels as though you have fallen behind we will schedule an additional private session to get caught up with the class. If you feel as though you plan to miss/travel a lot in the off-season we would recommend a Private Sessions Package.

How will the players be selected for the programs?

Previous returning students will have preference in choosing their next program if they are of age, meet the minimal assessment standards, and are in good standing with Line Drive. If there are additional new students and no room we may create an additional time slot for the group upon facility availability. We attempt to place the players appropriately in each program based on their commitment and abilities. Signing up for an assessment does not guarantee a spot in that program. Players will be notified at the assessment for STP13, + STP20. Players who attempt to enter the STP13 program but are not "ready" based on the assessment on 12/6 will get early access to register for STP9 which opens on 12/8. The first 12 players registered for STP 6 will be accepted.